Based on EMS research done by W.-U. Boeckh-Behrens, N. Grützmacher and J. Sebelefsky (University of Bayreuth, 2002).

The progression of social and professional lifestyles in the 21st century has contributed towards a rising number of people living with chronic back pain. In the search for an effective intervention and prevention method, electro muscle stimulation (EMS) training has received increasing attention in sports and medical applications. EMS training has its roots in the medical field and was initially used to help patients in their recovery from injuries or to help with the reduction of pain-related symptoms. In the 2000s interest in researching the wider benefits of EMS increased due to significant EMS research discoveries, such as the 2002 EMS research study done by Boeckh-Behrens and colleagues at the University of Bayreuth in Germany.


The researchers aimed to identify the effects of complex EMS training on back pain and a total of 49 people (31 women and 18 men with an average age of 47 years), who were suffering from back pain participated in this study. The 49 participants performed EMS training sessions over a period of 5 weeks and were assessed before as well as after the EMS training.


  • A decrease in back pain was observed in 88.7% of participants
  • Frequency and the intensity of back pain significantly decreased within the training period
  • 75.5% showed improvements in mood and 69.4% noticed an increased vitality
  • 85.7% of the women reported an increased body stability and 75.5% felt more relaxed after training


The EMS research findings showed whole body EMS training counters back pain in a very effective way. The researchers concluded that electrical stimulus activates the major muscle groups and also, more importantly, the deeper muscle groups which are difficult to activate through conventional training methods. The research participants not only reported a reduction of back pain (88.7% of all participants), but also felt an improvement in their mood, vitality and well-being.

Therefore EMS training, as offered by BODYWAVE, is proven to be a time saving and effective way to improve overall health.