Flower Bradley

Owner & Head Trainer

Flower Bradley is the most experienced Kiwi EMS trainer in New Zealand and has been in the Fitness & Health Industry since 2015. She began coaching and fitness instructing in a women's gym, alongside swim instructing. Moving on to become a personal trainer in 2016, Flower' s passion to help train and educate people in fitness & strength was driven by an interest in human bio mechanics. Adopting a holistic approach with exercise and nutrition, Flower's focus's on  optimising health & longevity.  After trialling  EMS in 2017, Flower found the efficent EMS sessions to be highly effective for  strengthening and building lean muscle mass. 



    Jessica started her fitness journey back in 2006 where she worked, gained experience and her qualifications at the YMCA Fitness Centre in New Plymouth.  During her time there she coached clients to achieve their goals and ran group fitness classes. 
    With a passion for health and fitness Jessica was determined to work again in health and fitness. Moving to Nelson in January 2021 she applied for the position at Body Wave.  After having her first workout there, she was addicted to wanting more EMS training “I’m so excited to be personal training at Body Wave".
    Jessica’s mission in life is to help others achieve their goals and for her clients to be the best version of themselves.


    Micha Hearn’ s is body waves studio assistant. She helps us with everything.Micha has a B.A and has  a background in administration and hospitality management.  

    From 5 star hotels to IRD, Micha’s friendly personality and bright mind can assist you in our boutique environment.

    Micha trained EMS for a year with us at bodywave and transformed her body.  Micha was already lean, but has never had such muscle and tone. Her passion for EMS training comes out in her work.  She is here for the love more than the money.

    Micha loves answering questions through our emails and social media. She also will check in with you after your first trial training to see how you are.



    Ayla trained as an EMS trainer after a career in hospitality. From being on her feet, making incredible coffees & looking after people for 10 years, Ayla decided she wanted utilise her people skills by helping them with their fitness. Ayla has 1 years'  experience under her belt as an EMS trainer & is currently on maternity leave with her new baby son, Marley. We look forward to Ayla's return in Winter as her warm, friendly training style encourages her client to persevere and push through to reach their goals is missed. You can follow Ayla's post -partem journey at bodywave on instagram.